Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Best Local Commercial.

Blackathy, 9:40 PM

Friday, April 03, 2009

0ff Day

Woke up to a lazy Thursday and made a last minute lunch appointment with WK. We went to Stamford Tyres for awhile before making our way to Swensens.

Not that I'm particularly fond of it, but since there's a 1-for-1 promo, might as well make full use of it.

Went back home for a nap before waking up to a cheeseburger. After a gym session and a car wash later, Mom and I made our way to Viv0 to meet Dad and Gerrie. Food at Thai Accent has always been great. Talked about the wedding intentions.

After dinner, Gerrie and I went to shop for our bands. I would think we had decided which band to purchase, but would want to wait till we pay for the Option fee for our flat.

A cuppa Belgian Chocolate ended the night.

Back to work tomorrow!

Blackathy, 1:21 AM

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


This is Ben.

Putting on his shoes before taking a 10mins walk from the carpark to office.

Happened to see him at the carpark and we decided to have yakun before going for our bi-weekly meeting.

Today was Irene's last day, thus Sharon and Raymond decided to throw a min-farewell dinner for her. Since Gerrie couldn't meet me today, I made a super last minute decision to meet them at Kushin Bo.

Pretty deserts.

Food was so-so only.

Def. not worth the price.

Met up with Jackioo and Aaron just now for our weekly supper cum car wash meeting.

Blackathy, 1:25 AM

Thursday, March 26, 2009


A familiar giant walked past the branch today.

Been a super long time since I or any of the gang members have seen him.

I had lunch with 2 other colleagues today. Despite a cheap lunch at Swensens yesterday, I was determined not to step into any restaurant for lunch.

Food court can serve really amazing stuff too!

Blackathy, 11:54 PM

Swensens for lunch

is worth it when it's 1 for 1.

4 of us spent $10 each for one main course and a Topless 5. =)

Spending money to get something new that is actually old.

'Repairing' my pen can be so costly. Sigh.

Blackathy, 1:23 AM

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Supper on Tuesday

Blackathy, 1:03 AM

Monday, March 23, 2009


Okay, so I did not have yong tau foo today.

I had lunch at Soup Restaurant and tea break at Toast Box instead.

So it's going to be yong tau foo from Wednesday onwards! And that's a promise to myself.

After waiting for a week, the parcel has finally arrived!

I ordered a total of 4 tees, with Bernard and Kellyn sharing the shipment cost with me. I love my Russian. S size is fitting for me. =)

I like the Japan one as well. However, it turned out to be too big for me. Anyone interested? It's M size btw.

Blackathy, 10:10 PM


I think I had too much food this week alone.

Ding Tai Fung and Ji De Chi with my ex-colleagues.

Ministry of Food with Gerrie.

Swensens with Gerrie.

Dinner at Thai Express with Gerrie.

Astons with Gerrie.

Gelato with Gerrie.

2 rounds of Crystal Jade with HQ & Jess, and Gerrie.

Secret Recipe with HQ, Jess and Wk.

Lai Lai with my new boss.

Supper with the Subbie bros.

Think I would have Yong Tau Fu this whole week.

I finally had my first break in this month. I am already looking towards my off day this Tuesday and Saturday. =)

I saw a really cool BMW when I was leaving Viv0 this evening.

And last of all, the photo-taking session with the Subbie bros.

I love my iPhone!

Website updated.

Blackathy, 1:03 AM

Friday, March 13, 2009

My Leave Is Approved!

Aiya! Waste my time last night. Only managed to 'kill' a 'private'. Still waiting for a 'C0'.

I'm off to the gym now. Would be having lunch with Gerrie at Suntec, then to some shopping.


Blackathy, 9:58 AM

Happy But Tired

It was really good to see my c0lleagues at my former br@nch today. MeE Yan and I had went back to meet our b0ss to do our apraisals. He treated us to Thai, then proceeded to do the appraisal in the office. I got a very good rating. =)

Thinking back, God has been very wonderful for me. Things have went the way I wanted to since @rmy days. Completing my studies while working.

Obtaining my present job and getting decent paychecks for the past year.

For not going back to the former bank. I might have lost my job.

And the d0wnturn has not entirely become a bad thing. Firstly, it alloewd me to rest for awhile and now that I'm transferred to a br@nch with better walk-in, I'm looking forward to getting back my due c0mmissi0n.

Because I have been receiving basic pay for the last few months, I would be eligible to get a hd8 l0an.

But most importantly, I want to thank God for brining me back to Him.

And thank you to Gerrie for her understanding despite my crazy schedule.


While typing this post, watching the market, and getting bitten by mossie, I'm watching this tv program.

2 men walked into a jewellery shop.

1st man: Someone says you have to buy a diamond ring three months of your pay.

2nd man: Yeah, marketing gimmick.

1st man: Or must be some cartel

2nd man: Run by bimbotic chicks.

Salesman walked in.

1st man: We are looking at engagement rings.

Salesman looked at both men and said: How nice.

2nd man: We are looking at rings of a brilliant cut, doesn't matter the colour.

Salesman: Someone knows what he wants.

Blackathy, 12:52 AM

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